June 1997 - Present

Pre 1995

Morrisville Community Church
3824 Swamp Road
P.O. Box 178 Morrisville, NY 13408
(315) 684-3314
Take Route 20 to Morrisville.
At the main intersection turn North onto Cedar Street. Follow Cedar St for 0.6 miles. The Church is on the East side just outside the village limits.
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The roots of the Morrisville Community Church go back to 1805, when the Congregational Church established the first church in the community, eight years after the first house was built in what was then known as "Morris Flats." In 1809, the American Baptist Church formed a congregation here. After the Madison County seat was moved here in 1817, the community began to grow more rapidly and became incorporated as the village of Morrisville two years later. In 1834, a Methodist Church opened its doors. These churches grew and prospered into the 20th century, as the community changed from county seat to an agricultural college community. As lifestyles changed, and religious fervor waned, the Baptist and Congregational Churches merged to form the United Church in 1925. In 1968, the United Church merged with the Methodist Church and became the Morrisville Community Church. In 1969, it was chartered by the Presbyterian Church (USA) as a new congregation.

In 1995, the Church on the corner of Route 20 and Union Street was destroyed by fire. Services were held at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church, while a new building was being constructed on Cedar Street. On June 23, 1997, the church was formally dedicated.

First and Foremost, we are part of the Church of Jesus Christ. We welcome and include those of many denominations with all contributing to the richness of our fellowship.


Morrisville Community Church

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